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Protecting people in armed conflict

What is international humanitarian law?

British Red Cross delegate visiting war wounded people in Chad

Even in war and conflicts there are rules to protect people.

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The Geneva Conventions

Discussion between an ICRC delegate and  detainees

The Geneva Conventions set out how soldiers and civilians should be treated in wartime.

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Improving civil-military relations

A Red Cross delegate talks to someone from the military in Afghanistan

We chair a forum to improve and strengthen communications between NGOs and the British armed forces.

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Customary international humanitarian law project

A man holds a gun in one hand and a booklet about the laws of war in the other

This project seeks to collect and analyse the State practice underpinning customary rules of international humanitarian law.

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Disaster Fund

Help the Red Cross prepare for disasters. Your donation will be used in the UK or overseas.

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International humanitarian law summer school

A Medical Emergency Response Team of four rushes an Afghan casualty on a stretcher to a Red Cross ambulance

The next British Red Cross summer school on IHL will be held in Cambridge Sunday 18 – Wednesday 21 September 2016.

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