accessibility & help

Independent living

Support at home

Need help after a hospital stay? Our volunteers provide extra support and care at home.

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Transport support

Two men in Red Cross uniform in front of van

Our transport support gives you independence if you can't get about easily by yourself.

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Mobility aids

Volunteer driver delivering a wheelchair to a client

We provide short-term loans of mobility aids to people in need, including wheelchairs.

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Hand, arm and shoulder massage

Woman receiving therapeutic care massage from a volunteer

We offer massages to promote wellbeing for those who need support at home.

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Read stories of people we╩╝ve helped

Last year Phillip Potter, a carer for his disabled wife, faced a difficult winter. But things are looking up.

We helped Welsh Guard veterans, Ray and Arthur, visit the battlefields of Europe to pay respects to their fallen comrades.

Other information

Alongside our national services, we also have some regional services that may be able to help you.

If you are a healthcare commissioner or referrer, find out what working in partnership with us can help you achieve.


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