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Other organisations that may be able to help trace relatives

The British Red Cross international family tracing services accept enquiries from:

  • people living in the UK who have been separated from their relatives as a result of conflict, disaster or migration
  • other Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies or the ICRC on behalf of those living in other countries who are trying to find or send a message to family members in the UK.

We may also be able to provide these services in other situations where there is a humanitarian need, for example, if there is a sudden loss of contact with an elderly relative living abroad.

If you live outside the UK and wish to access this service, please contact the Red Cross or Red Crescent National Society in your country.

If your enquiry does not relate to loss of contact with family members due to conflict, disaster or migration, please visit the pages below to find contact details for organisations that may be able to help you, grouped according to location and type of enquiry:

Woman holding two children

Missing in the UK and overseas

There are several organisations that can help you find someone in the UK or overseas.

Couple waiting for relative found through the international tracing and message services

Missing in the USA

You can read a list of organisations that can help trace people in the USA here.

Couple embracing after being reunited

Missing in Canada

If you're trying to find someone missing in Canada, these organisations can help.

Women smiling reading leaflet at a refugee centre in England

Missing in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa

These organisations can help you trace missing people in Australia, New Zealand or South Africa.

Woman on the phone

Missing people in World War I and II

Did you lose track of relatives during World War I or II? These organisations specialise in tracking them down.

Family reunited after years apart smile at Heathrow

Adoption and separated families

Looking for your birth family or interested in adoption? Try these organisations.

Two men having a drink after being reunited

Genealogy and other sources

Are you looking for someone to complete your family history or tree? These genealogy contacts and resources may be able to help.


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