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Finding missing family true stories

For more than 100 years, the Red Cross has worked to help people locate those they have lost because of conflict or disaster. Read their stories below.


Andy's father sent him to the UK from Germany when he was a boy, and the two lost touch soon after. We've helped him find his father's widow.

Terry Timms grew up believing his birth father was his mother’s husband, Ronald, but as an adult he discovered the truth.

After pensioner Sylvia suddenly lost touch with her cousin Mary in Germany, she spent three years fearing the worst – until she found us.

After fleeing Kenya, Amuun Mohamoud lost contact with her mother and thought she’d died – until we put them back in touch.

When Almaz fled Ethiopia in fear of her life, leaving behind her husband and four daughters, she didn’t know if she’d ever see them again.


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