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Current emergency appeals

When big disasters strike, we need donations from the public to fund our work. Find out how you can help us support survivors.

Europe Refugee Crisis Appeal

Farah and her parents are from Iraq and are among the thousands of refugees who have arrived in Greece this year.

The refugee crisis in Europe continues to escalate. Hundreds of thousands of people are in desperate need of help.

How we're helping across the continent >

Syria Crisis Appeal

Two volunteers stand at the back of an ambulance

Hundreds of thousands of people have been killed during the conflict, while more than 10 million have been forced from their homes.  

More about the Syria appeal >

Yemen Crisis Appeal

A boy visits a library in his school, which has been totally destroyed.

Conflict has left the country in turmoil and resulted in a vast humanitarian crisis. Find out how we're helping. 

See why we've launched an appeal >

South Sudan Crisis Appeal

A woman cradling a baby

More than two million people have had to flee their homes due to conflict in South Sudan. Many more are in urgent need of humanitarian help. 

More about the South Sudan appeal >

Iraq Crisis Appeal

Displaced people on the streets

Conflict in Iraq has forced more than 800,000 people from their homes. Many of those affected urgently need food, clean water, healthcare and shelter.

How are we helping? >

Recovering from disasters

Red Cross delegate handing over boat registration documents after tsunami

We are working in several countries to help communities recover from devastating disasters.

More on our recovery work >

Past emergency appeals

Red Cross surgeon speaking with mother and child in Tanzania

Find out how we've made a difference to millions of people, thanks to the public's support.

More on our past appeals >

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