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What we do

First aid

Head injury

Could you help in a crisis? Get first aid tips online or on your phone - or book on a course.

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Mobility aids

Woman in a wheelchair laughing with her grandaughter

We provide short-term loans of mobility aids to people in need, including wheelchairs, commodes, walking sticks and frames.

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Preparing for disasters

A sign warns drivers of a flooded street

Learn how to prepare your family for disasters, and see how we prepare communities overseas.

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Protecting people in armed conflict

British Red Cross delegate visiting war wounded people in Chad

We play an important role in times of war. Find out more about the Geneva Conventions and the protective power of our emblem.

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Emergency response

Emergency response volunteer put a woman on a stretcher

We respond to hundreds of disasters in the UK and overseas. And we stay long after the crisis is over.

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Finding missing family

Couple embracing after being reunited

When families are separated by war or disaster, we work through a global network to put them back in touch.

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Refugee support

Refugee services volunteer

We help refugees and asylum seekers access essential services and adapt to life in a new country.

How we help refugees >

New term: new teaching resources

Schoolchildren listening to first aid trainer

Searching for topical activities and resources that will inspire children and young people?

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Latest news

01 Jan 2018
2018 news in Jan

2018 news in Jan

The British Red Cross is calling on the immediate release of funds to support people in their transition home from hospital.

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