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Volunteering for young people

Volunteering is a great opportunity to make a difference while adding something great to your CV. 

It doesn't matter whether you've got one hour or six months – we have something for you. 

A crowd of young volunteers

Take action in your area

Are you aged between 15 and 25? Become an Inspired Action volunteer and make a difference in your local community.

A Red Cross intern sits at her desk in London

Volunteer internships

Are you hoping to work in the charity sector? An internship can develop your professional skills, boost your CV and make a real difference to our work.

Young woman smiles as she dresses a mannequin in a charity shop

International youth volunteering

If you’re aged between 18 and 30, you can volunteer in Europe for eight to 12 months with our international youth volunteering programme.

A teenage girl holds up a board that reads 'raise money to save lives'

Hundred 2 Hundreds

Do you have a big fundraising idea? We could give you £100 to make your idea a reality.

Several young people sit at a desk on a day when young people replaced senior managers

Work experience for young people

A one-week work experience placement could help you gain skills and experience that will prepare you for the working world.

Students discussing HIV with a theatre company from Zimbabawe

Why volunteer with us?

You’re young. You’re busy. You’ve got a hundred other commitments. So why spend your precious free time volunteering with the Red Cross?


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