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Volunteering at home

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You don't need to leave your home to volunteer for the British Red Cross. Giving us a little of your spare time at home can really help our work.

Missing Maps

Some areas in the world most at risk from disasters – whether floods, food crisis or conflict – are not fully mapped. This makes it much harder for governments and humanitarian organisations to reach people with vital aid and support in emergencies.

But now anyone with an internet connection and a bit of spare time can help create life-saving maps, through the Missing Maps Project.

How it works

Many areas we need to reach are not mapped in detail. This means we need to trace aerial photographs to build a picture of what is there. This could include streets, buildings, lakes or rivers. Tracing these elements is very simple to do and can be done from your laptop or PC.

Local people will then go out with your traced maps and label all the features in their language.

All the data is then collated online, making a useful map to help humanitarian aid get to where it's needed.

 Contribute to Missing Maps

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