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Help in other ways

Sometimes giving to the Red Cross is as simple as surfing the web or visiting the supermarket.

eBay for charity logo

Support us on eBay by buying and selling auction items

Addicted to ebay? Why not donate a proportion of your profits to us? Or check out our selection of independent living products.

Hands holding coins

Change for charity

If you have a jar of coins rattling around at home, bring it to your local supermarket coinstar machine to make every last penny count.

Adopt a collection can

If you want to help the Red Cross but haven’t got much time to spare, adopting a collection can is for you.

Guests enjoying dinner and drinks at Grovenor House Art and Antiques Fair

Give up gifts

Getting married? Birthday coming up soon? Why not put a donation to us on your gift list or even do away with the list altogether?


Collection bucket icon Raise money

Our life-saving work depends on people like you.

Request fundraising materials

Want posters, invitations, sponsorship forms and more? Register your event to download fundraising materials.

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