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From organising your own event to recycling old phones, there are tons of ways to get fundraising for us. Have a look around and choose something that suits you. Once you've chosen, let us know and we can give you all the support you need.

Fundraising ideas

Children making cake

Inspirational ideas to suit every kind of fundraiser.

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Top tips

Group of people celebrating wear-a-wig-to-work day to fundraise for the Red Cross

Get all the ideas, tips and advice you need to organise your own challenge or event.

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Sign up for an event

Swimmers entering the water

From swimming and dancing, to beautiful open gardens, we have events to suit everyone

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Do your bit for the environment and raise money for the Red Cross by recycling mobiles phones, ink cartridges, books and unwanted clothes with us.

Sometimes giving to the Red Cross is as simple as surfing the web. Find out about easy ways to give.


Request fundraising materials

Want posters, invitations, sponsorship forms and more? Register your event to download fundraising materials.

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Find your local fundraiser

Get in touch with your local British Red Cross fundraiser.

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