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Our aim is to make the British Red Cross website accessible to all, including those users with visual, cognitive, hearing or mobility impairments.

The site is being made compatible with adaptive technologies currently used to help people with disabilities to use computers. This includes screen-reading/magnifying software, voice-activated input software, and switch access.

If you use adaptive technology and are having problems accessing information on the site, please email us at and let us know:

  • which material you wanted to access
  • the problem you experienced 
  • the access technology you were using.

Text resizing

You can resize the text in your browser using the three 'text size' buttons at the top of the page.

If this text resizing feature is not available, you can achieve the same result yourself by following these instructions:

  • PC - Internet Explorer 6
    From the top menu bar, select View and point to Text size
  • PC - Internet Explorer 7
    From the menu bar underneath the search field, select Page and point to Text size
  • PC - Other browsers
    Increase text size: Hold down the CTRL key and press +
    Decrease text size: Hold down the CTRL key and press
  • Mac - all browsers
    Increase text size: Hold down the Command key and press +
    Decrease text size: Hold down the Command key and press 

Improvements we are making

Some of the specific steps we are taking to improve accessibility include:

  • To provide subtitles and transcripts to all video content (see below)
  • To include appropriate headings on larger pages to aid navigation by screenreaders
  • To provide a sitemap to aid those who have trouble using the main navigation system
  • To make the language of the text plain and easy to understand so that the pages have good readability
  • To make the text of links adequately meaningful so that their target is clear when they are read out of context
  • To give images appropriate alternative text so that the information they contain is conveyed to those who cannot see them
  • To ensure that foreground and background colours contrast sufficiently so that information is conveyed to those who have difficulty distinguishing colours
  • To ensure all content can be accessed by keyboard only and that tab ordering is logical
  • To ensure all pages are structured correctly with meaningful headings and sub- headings.


We are in the process of adding captions to all our videos to assist deaf or hard of hearing users. We are also providing transcripts on this site where possible. If you would like to volunteer to help us with this task please contact us by emaling

To see and hear our multimedia items, you will need to download the latest version of Flash.


Our aim is that the British Red Cross site will comply with the Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines 2.0.

The guidelines are divided into three levels of compliance: Single-A (what you must do), Double-A (what you should do), and Triple-A (what you may do). Specifically, we are working on ensuring that the site complies with Double-A standard. This means we will meet all priority one and two checkpoints of the guidelines.

Training our web contributors

Since April 2008 we have been running a mandatory training course for everyone who uploads content on our website. Participants take part in an accessibility session so they understand our legal, moral and practical responsibilities towards users with disabilities.

As part of this session, trainees are shown how different adaptive technologies work, how frustrating it can be when pages are not accessible and how they can make their pages accessible. Finally, they do an exercise where they discuss a page that isn’t accessible and identify how they could improve it.


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