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First aid

First aid everyone should know how to save a lifeJust a few basic first aid skills can give someone the power to save a life.

What’s wrong?

The majority of people in the UK lack the confidence or skills to provide basic first aid in an emergency situation. This leads to unnecessary deaths, injuries and disabilities, and can put greater pressure on emergency services.

What are we calling for?

  • We want the role that first aid education can play in building the resilience of individuals and communities to be fully recognised.
  • We believe that first aid education needs to be a clear feature of public health strategies on both a national and local level.
  • We want to ensure that existing educational systems allow for first aid education to be available to as many people as possible.
  • We believe that local authorities should work with us and others to ensure that the most vulnerable people to crisis have the opportunity to learn first aid.

Social Action, Responsibility and Heroism Bill

This Bill was announced in the Queen’s Speech 2014 and reflects the need to support those who step forward to help.

A client receiving a massage

Public health services

We need to understand when to use public health services – and when it might be better to treat ourselves at home.

First aid in schools

First aid is not a statutory part of the school curriculum - and we think it should be.


Advocacy blog posts

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